Queen Elizabeth Memorial Print A5

Queen Elizabeth Memorial Print A5

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Queen Elizabeth Memorial Print

‘I do hope he’s brought some marmalade sandwiches’ whispered the bear
‘Oh yes, he keeps them under his hat’ replied the Queen ‘all the best people do’
Paddington smiled ‘ I feel better about leaving you here now, but I shall miss you terribly’
‘And I will miss you’ she gave his paw a little squeeze ‘so we will keep each other in our hearts, until we meet again’ and with that she skipped off up the last few steps to join her husband, with a corgi following at her heel, just like it had always been

Beautiful print of my mixed media painting of The Queen, Prince Philip, the little bear and a very happy corgi!

The original painting was created using watercolour and ink in a lovely flowing loose watercolour style

My wording has been added digitally

The print is A5 size, printed on quality card and is unframed